Channelling Jackie O

Today I decided to channel my inner Jackie O, and who can ever go wrong when they do that? So I pulled out my mock turtleneck, fabulous flats, & my oversized sunglasses.


These t-straps are super comfortable and have a great bottom to grip the ground. Not like other flats where you have to rough up the bottoms so you don’t eat it when you walk.


The half tucked look makes this simple top have some more depth and life to it.


I just love the way this mock turtleneck hits, not too high not to tight. Don’t forget the pearls. Keeping it classy and clean.



habit check up

So here’s an update on my goal of healthy habits for 2017. Originally I had a huge list of habits that I decided I did not want to be casual about, so here is my check up for February.

Let me just say it is a wonderful thing to have a planner to keep me on task. Especially being able to discover my best organization strategy with the flexibility of the Passion Planner. My habits rewards strategy has not worked as well as I anticipated, however it has revealed to be beneficial in ways I did not know would happen.

My whole structure was that I would check off the days I did my habits and reward myself with points to use towards certain rewards. The problem is I did not know what my January was going to look like and what time I would and would not have. Things like time to watch tv became moot when there were days my brain was so tired I could not even think (my chaotic 9 straight hours yesterday being one of them).

What has worked is being conscientious of these habits and seeing rewards loose their importance. Working out more consistently – even though most weeks I only make it 2 out of my goal of 3 days – is making me feel good and want to eat better. Cleaning house is frustrating when it feels like no one else contributes, but I choose to consider the emotional state of everyone in the house. I will let it go and worry about my space, but if me picking up the slack means everyone feels better, then why not? Spending consistent time with God is something I want to do, even if I cannot always get my mind in the place I want it, I am seeing the comfort of spiritual discipline and it takes precedence over watching the news in the morning.

I may not be the best at this pursuing a goal thing, but I see myself growing in discipline, awareness of myself, of others, and how these small things will grow into a foundation for health in my life.

Stop giving yourself excuses and get up and make something of your time. Choosing to not be casual about habits does not mean succeeding every week. Instead it means being aware that you are moving forward even when you fall two steps back.

We will see where we are when we hit March 1st!

a splash of green

I love to wear black, white, and grey with a color pop, so today I chose this green vest! It feels simple but classy. Too many details and accessories is overwhelming, especially small stripes like this long sleep shirt from Gap. So pairing a solid vest helps calm it down without need for any more details.


This outfit super simple to put together with just a little bit of thought. It is nice without being over dressed and simple without being overlooked and sloppy.


The copper bracelet ties into the buttons on the vest while adding some pretty and subtle detail.


Pairing black booties and jeans elongates the legs and gives a clean look.

img_8069img_8096Best thing is that this vest was from the children’s department in Target and is not even the largest size they carried! I am never afraid to check out the children’s sections, because a lot of times the sizes go pretty large for things like sweaters, vests, and jackets.

Utilize some pattern and solids to create a nice simple outfit without falling to the casualty of casual!

yellow: frenemie

Yellow has never been my friend, especially the sunshine daisy yellow. That is until I found mustard yellow! It doesn’t even wash me or my hair color out. Then paired with the grey sweater (that I got at a garage sale), it is a real compliment against the dark jeans.

For the most part I wear light BB cream and neutral eye make-up and I did not have to alter any of more normal routine for this yellow.


The cut neck adds some funk but maintains it’s tailored appeal. Then the choker adds some finish without being too edgy. I love how elegant and delicate this choker is from Nordstrom. It can be worn loose like I did, or tightened to sit higher on the neck on days I like to be bold.


The jewelry does may not seem to go together at first glance but the silver on the right and sapphire tie neatly into the sweater and jeans, while the gold, teal, and purple metallic of the earrings of the necklace tie in with the mustard shirt while adding some pop.

img_7966The best thing about this outfit is that it is absolutely comfortable. The flowiness of the shirt and sweater makes sitting and working extra comfortable!

Blustery Day

So I woke up yesterday to blustery weather and dastardly cold temperatures. To beat the cold I took this fleece thermal and dressed it up denim skirt and tights.


Great thing about thermals is they are easy to layer without adding a lot of bulk, and the denim skirt is heavy enough to add warmth as well. Also black always flatters!


Of course then the rain started pouring and there was no getting out of the house without faceplanting.



Classy Sweats

Like I shared on insta, these sweats are THE BOMB. You can wear them with wedges and a classy shirt or like today don slippers and a fabulous sweatshirt.


I know, I can’t even wear a ratty sweatshirt, but hey, what is my motto: casualty of casual. I may have been relaxed and comfy, but I would have felt completely ok wearing this outfit in public – sans slippers.



Of course what’s a cozy outfit without a cute cup of tea in an anthro mug. This pattern is my weakness. So much I have it in several colors!


Don’t forget socks. Wool. Cozy. All the makings of a wonderfully cozy day.