Be Spontaneous

I preach intentionality. It prevents the pain of casual interactions. So I like to plan dinners with friends to catch up spend time with someone one on one. That was what was supposed to happen Tuesday night. Nice dinner with some good conversation. Instead this is what happened: Spontaneous trip to Common Grounds in Waco to… Read More Be Spontaneous

Party Time

I promise I’m alive, and here with the final installment for throwing a surprise party! So to start, with the party itself, you should be talking with the birthday boy or girl, several weeks out laying foundation work so you can manipulate/verify timing. I suggest saying “hey I got reservations at your favorite restaurant for… Read More Party Time

birthdays & brunching

My favorite six letter word: BRUNCH. Add in that it is both in honor of Galentine’s day & Ashlyn’s Birthday it makes this Saturday brunch even better. With an assortment of breakfast foods–including some incredible almond with raspberry filling muffins–the spread was so satisfying. Madeline’s crafting with poms and balloons had me obsessed. There will… Read More birthdays & brunching

#ads pt 2

Rounding of my #1 and #2 spots are 84 Lumber & Airbnb. Relevant messages and just beautiful. They truly stand out amongst the other product pusher commercials. #3 is Genius. Utilizing Lady Gaga half-time show was perfect and the build gets you intrigued. It had me going to look up what this show was! #4… Read More #ads pt 2


I’M AN ADULT, therefore I owe it to myself and no one else to create healthy habits. It just makes life feel better. We already deal with so much junk in the world why let something like dirty dishes and trash get in the way of your joy and spiritual growth. You can be so much… Read More HABITS