So here we are, already in April.

How are my goals going? Well it was a hard month. I had to forgive myself a lot, but in the end here I am, still alive.

I may have had to ease off the workouts when I got killer blisters on my heels – darn you cute shoes.

Spring break may have beaten the will for healthy food out of me with a LOT of Mexican food.

I did stress a lot because post spring break brings a new wave of emotion and terror for what life will look like on May 14th.


I’m here. I’m still willing to work. To be disciplined. To try. I forgave myself for a lot this month. I am back on top again though. I springboarded this Monday with homework finished, a good breakfast, a good workout, and free mental space to jump in and help others. Meal prep on Saturday gave me free time away from cooking and dishes to invest in projects and people.

So here I am on day 3 of April, and I started my next goal. Now that I have the discipline of spiritual health and physical health, it is time to add in creative health. If you hadn’t seen my instagrams, I am venturing into this month with Creative Sprint. 30 days of pushing your brain to think outside the lines, to tap into that childlike imagination and be able to apply it to adult problems.

So here we go. I am praying for continued grace this month.