winter blues

I heart eyes this dress from Banana Republic. Like wowza. It’s great to layer jackets over for more casual, sweaters for church, spiciness with some knee boots. The dress is super comfy (pockets are a plus) and great for both brunch and business.


Little details like my mother’s old necklace from the mediterranean hits perfectly at the wrap. The structure of the dress also beautifully rounds the shoulders and makes the arms look fab.


The waistline is wonderful with the billowing but still figure flattering, and the fabric is so soft and delightful.


Also from banana, I bought this sweater a year or two ago and it is comfy, good layering piece, and the asymmetrical edge is great texture.


Simple outfit, but both perfectly stunning. No need to sacrifice time for style for this outfit here!

P.S. If it is really cold, add some black tights and a black ankle bootie to stay warm.


a splash of green

I love to wear black, white, and grey with a color pop, so today I chose this green vest! It feels simple but classy. Too many details and accessories is overwhelming, especially small stripes like this long sleep shirt from Gap. So pairing a solid vest helps calm it down without need for any more details.


This outfit super simple to put together with just a little bit of thought. It is nice without being over dressed and simple without being overlooked and sloppy.


The copper bracelet ties into the buttons on the vest while adding some pretty and subtle detail.


Pairing black booties and jeans elongates the legs and gives a clean look.

img_8069img_8096Best thing is that this vest was from the children’s department in Target and is not even the largest size they carried! I am never afraid to check out the children’s sections, because a lot of times the sizes go pretty large for things like sweaters, vests, and jackets.

Utilize some pattern and solids to create a nice simple outfit without falling to the casualty of casual!


Images by Evan Yarbrough 

So in southern climates we have to learn the artful tactic of layering. In the winter it can be chilly in the morning and then hit the 70’s by 1 o’clock. So I took one of my brothers old button ups to layer over this tank from Madewell.


Roll up the sleeves and matched with dark skinny jeans and leather booties and its effortless casual style. It does not take too much thought to put together a classy casual style, it just takes figuring out what things work together. You do not have to let the casualty of casual get to you.


When you find the right clothes and match them to your closet you can have an equally comfortable & classy outfit without sacrificing style.


When it gets hot just take off the button up and tie it around your waist – no problem!



New Year’s Eve is here and sequins are a must. There is no doubt about it that it’s my favorite thing to find an excuse to wear sequins. Blame it on the theatrical blood in me or my affection for glitter, but there’s something just dazzling about sequins in a NYE outfit.


This year I wanted to be able to start the sparkle early in the day so I chose this casual mock turtleneck top to wear with this golden sequin skirt (the pockets are ever so convenient). It’s a great outfit to take from daytime to night with only a change of venue.


Of course what is an outfit without accessories? Pearls keep the class but the double & midi bring on the sass. And do not forget about the fitbit, to motivate for another year of healthy living!


Simple shirt, simple accessories, simple classic shoes, and a kickin skirt make this outfit perfect for NYE festivities.


Image by Evan Yarbrough

In the end, NYE is a great day of reflection and preparation for a new year of goals, hopes, dreams, and lots of glitter. So welcome to this new venture of mine and here’s to 2017!