Welcome back to our focus on throwing a surprise party! Today is all about the cake. This was extra difficult to plan when I was going to make this seeing as I lived with the guest of honor, but also helpful since I know her schedule pretty well. I knew I had a 3 hour block of time to bake the cakes, so I bought all my supplies, borrowed some extra pans (that I hid in my room), and waited. As soon as she was gone I got straight to work.


First tip: Cut a paper towel to fit in the bottom of the pan. After you oil the pan, put the paper towel in and this will make the cake come out easier, cool faster, AND when you peel the paper towel off you don’t loose chunks of cake!


So funny story. This was supposed to be a three layer cake, not six…but I had two links open on my laptop. One was for inspiration for design, the other was for the actual recipe. Well guess what, I followed the wrong recipe, and before I knew it I was elbow deep in flower and batter that I hadn’t prepared for so the following picture will remind you:

  • It’s never too safe to have an extra big bowl


  • Read the recipe…


That batter was good enough to eat by itself, and since there were not eggs added yet I went ahead and indulged myself in some post mixing licking of beaters. Who can blame a girl when it looks so good?


Look at those colors! And below so cleanly came off the paper towel. Now we were at an hour until Mal came home, so once each layer was cool enough I wrapped them in saran wrap & then in aluminum foil, and into the freezer they all went!  JUST IN TIME!


Then a week later I had prepped the icing while she working and let the layers warm up to almost room temp. With this buttercream and a mug of warm water I used the edge of a knife to slowly layer on the icing.

Voila! Rainbow cake! Now I used a natural pigment for coloring and I could have toned down the orange and green layer, but it tasted freaking incredible!

Next time I will try a different icing recipe and maybe less layers, but when you are constricted to time and secrecy I think it turned out pretty dang well!


Come back again later for the surprise itself!


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