#ads pt 2

Rounding of my #1 and #2 spots are 84 Lumber & Airbnb. Relevant messages and just beautiful. They truly stand out amongst the other product pusher commercials.

#3 is Genius. Utilizing Lady Gaga half-time show was perfect and the build gets you intrigued. It had me going to look up what this show was!

#4 is this third installment of Squarespace’s John Malkovich commercials. Great references to Being John Malkovich lost on some audience members, but still story is prime.

#5 Turkish Airline. Because Morgan Freeman, need I say more?

#6 What what?! Stranger Things season 2 commercial was an unexpected surprise and that throwback Eggo commercial was smart.

#7 Bai. Killed it with the millennials having JT and using some old NSYNC. Christopher Walken strange, especially when I wish JT would have at least said something?

#8 TurboTax mainly because it actually made me laugh out loud. Situation humor of it all was what made this.


As for bad commercials there were many of them present on Sunday. Another Pirates of the Caribbean? Seriously? Justin Bieber with T-Mobile was playing off of the success of Drake commercials and failed. Ugh and Snickers, just sad. If they wanted to play up the “Live” it could have been a little less over produced.

Until next year. Now it’s time for baseball season!


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