To celebrate Super Bowl 51 I have pulled together a list of my favorite from ads last year, because let’s be real, that is the reason I watch!

This Colgate ad gets me every time. So unassumingly you think it will be another cleaning/toothpaste/bathroom commercial until all of the sudden your heart strings are being tugged.

Kevin Hart is funny and the music choice is spot on.

T-Mobile was smart using Drake and attaching themselves to an already popular song. Also super relatable – we all just want to be in a music video don’t we.

Helen Mirren. Need I say more?

The creative and intriguing aspect of this Hyundai commercial makes this a great commercial. It draws you in like a mystery trying to figure out why this person has a shiny blue engine in their chest. Is it Iron Man?

Then of course finish of with this small business. It may not be the best ad out there, but when you realize this is not an ad for a videogame or movie it makes you go “huh, that was clever”(and also I just love coffee).

Have fun at your super bowl watching parties, gatherings, fiestas, buffets, etc. Tomorrow I will give you a rundown of my top ads and half-time review!



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