Welcome back to our focus on throwing a surprise party! Today is all about the cake. This was extra difficult to plan when I was going to make this seeing as I lived with the guest of honor, but also helpful since I know her schedule pretty well. I knew I had a 3 hour… Read More {cake}

birthdays & brunching

My favorite six letter word: BRUNCH. Add in that it is both in honor of Galentine’s day & Ashlyn’s Birthday it makes this Saturday brunch even better. With an assortment of breakfast foods–including some incredible almond with raspberry filling muffins–the spread was so satisfying. Madeline’s crafting with poms and balloons had me obsessed. There will… Read More birthdays & brunching

#ads pt 2

Rounding of my #1 and #2 spots are 84 Lumber & Airbnb. Relevant messages and just beautiful. They truly stand out amongst the other product pusher commercials. #3 is Genius. Utilizing Lady Gaga half-time show was perfect and the build gets you intrigued. It had me going to look up what this show was! #4… Read More #ads pt 2


To celebrate Super Bowl 51 I have pulled together a list of my favorite from ads last year, because let’s be real, that is the reason I watch! This Colgate ad gets me every time. So unassumingly you think it will be another cleaning/toothpaste/bathroom commercial until all of the sudden your heart strings are being… Read More #ads

winter blues

I heart eyes this dress from Banana Republic. Like wowza. It’s great to layer jackets over for more casual, sweaters for church, spiciness with some knee boots. The dress is super comfy (pockets are a plus) and great for both brunch and business. Little details like my mother’s old necklace from the mediterranean hits perfectly… Read More winter blues