Images by Evan Yarbrough

When it snows in the south oy does everyone freak out. Let me just say, no one knows how to drive in the snow and it just shuts down the city. Equally so, you would think that we lived in Russia by the way people dress.

The key is LAYERS & good socks.


Most places you go you will maybe walk a total of 2 minutes to get from you car to wherever you are going, so put on a good pair of jeans, a shirt and sweater, a nice water proof jacket, and a scarf and you are good to go.



*suggestion* get a jacket with good pockets so you can keep your gloves handy and have easy access to keys instead of having to dig around a purse in the cold.


Blanket scarves are the best to keep you neck warm and can keep in some body heat where your jacket buttons. *Also the are great at being blanket*

Beauty tip: on days like this get a good lipstick that is moisturizing to add color and protect your lips!


When in doubt layer. You don’t have to be afraid of the snow, instead go play!



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