We are all at risk of the casualty of casual.

It is easy to not think

not care

not work

not push

not create

When life is lived casually there is a lethargy that seeps into everything from clothing choices, friendships, relationships, & faith.

We are ALL at fault for living casually. It is the modern lifestyle. It is the rise of athleisure. Don’t get me wrong, I love athleisure! The problem is it can easily become another door for casual to cause a casualty to the beloved wardrobe, to self expression.

So that is why my blog is taglined ‘casualty of casual’. I am exploring the focused combat against the control casual can have on life when we choose not to use the vast imagination of our mind.

Choose not to settle with me. Lets use our power to create change, make things our own – requiring more than a casual life.


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